My Favorite Pastor


June 16

I’ve never minded being a pastor’s kid. I get to see a side of my dad no other church member sees. I get to watch my pastor behind the curtain of Sunday morning service.

And Dad’s example has taught me (at least) three things:

  1. A relationship with God is foremost. Dad faithfully spends his morning hours poring over Scripture and pouring his heart out to God.

2. Sin is serious. Dad’s role as a shepherd doesn’t immunize him to sin. He knows he’s weak and must deal with the evil inside him.

3. The gospel is beautiful. I love listening to Dad preach because his passion for Christ is real. He doesn’t have to manipulate Scripture to find gospel threads. The threads are already there; Dad simply weaves them into a clear picture.

Thanking God for my favorite pastor today,

Bethany J.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Pastor

  1. Great post, Bethany! Although we haven’t yet been to your church when your dad was preaching. We really need to get our timing lined up better. LOL Tell your Dad I said Happy Fathers Day! He’s a great dad!

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