For Tomorrow’s Freshmen


May 19

In case you missed it last Thursday, I’m headed for high school graduation. The workload is lightening and excitement is escalating.

But I know tomorrow is just around the corner. And for 70% of high schoolers, that means stepping into college.

Today I’m sharing with you an insightful Desiring God article titled, For the Freshmen of Tomorrow: Six Guiding Lessons for Graduates.

Here’s a snippet from it:

The point of college is to teach you what you need to know so that you might contribute to society (and in the case of every believer, to bring the gospel to whatever area of society that is). So, go to class, learn the material, wonder at God as he reveals himself in every subject, and calm your hyper-focus on grades.

Read this entire article at

Happy Sunday!

Bethany J.


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