My Favorite Teacher


May 12

I did school differently than most people. I brainstormed algebra problems in my basement and spent lunch breaks in my backyard. I was homeschooled, which means the job of teaching me fell almost completely on Mom’s shoulders.

In two weeks I’ll wrap up high school and graduate. Looking back over my 13 years of school in our green-carpeted classroom, I’m incredibly grateful.

I grateful for my mom—for her patience and endurance and love. For not just teaching me every subject but wanting to.

Mom will always be my favorite teacher (and not because she was my only teacher). She has truly used her talent to serve my siblings and me.

Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them…the one who teaches, in his teaching (Rom. 12:6a, 7b).

Thanking God this Mother’s Day,

Bethany J.

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