A Prayer for the Busy Person


May 5

May is by far the busiest month for our family. And this year, we’ve added some significant events to the calendar. I’m graduating high school, my sister (Leanna) is planning a wedding (!), and we’re headed West for a family trip.

These are exciting times—busy times. My days are brimming with plans and work and writing.

I like being busy. But this prayer stirred me last week to realign my priorities—to tackle my to-do list only after I’ve drawn near to God:

May I…

never be too busy to attend to my soul,

never be so engrossed with time

that I neglect the things of eternity;

thus may I not only live, but grow towards Thee.*


Be busy. But don’t forget why you plan parties or cook meals or pack for vacation: to glorify Jesus Christ.

In Him,

Bethany J.


*Excerpted from A Christian’s Prayer, The Valley of Vision, edited by Arthur Bennett

5 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Busy Person

  1. Thanks for this sweet, short reminder, Bethany! Spring is such a busy time and it’s easy to lose focus! God has special things for us even in our busyness and I for one don’t want to miss out! 🙂

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