For Tomorrow’s Freshmen

May 19 In case you missed it last Thursday, I’m headed for high school graduation. The workload is lightening and excitement is escalating. But I know tomorrow is just around the corner. And for 70% of high schoolers, that means stepping into college. Today I’m sharing with you an insightful Desiring God article titled, For the … Continue reading For Tomorrow’s Freshmen

High School Graduate, Just Do the Next Thing

“What are your plans after high school?” By now, you think I would have a solid answer. “Well, I want to write. Maybe take some online classes or find a mentor. I’ve researched different degrees and programs but haven’t picked any. I want to keep serving in my church too. And it’d be fun to … Continue reading High School Graduate, Just Do the Next Thing

My Favorite Teacher

May 12 I did school differently than most people. I brainstormed algebra problems in my basement and spent lunch breaks in my backyard. I was homeschooled, which means the job of teaching me fell almost completely on Mom’s shoulders. In two weeks I’ll wrap up high school and graduate. Looking back over my 13 years … Continue reading My Favorite Teacher

A Prayer for the Busy Person

May 5 May is by far the busiest month for our family. And this year, we’ve added some significant events to the calendar. I’m graduating high school, my sister (Leanna) is planning a wedding (!), and we’re headed West for a family trip. These are exciting times—busy times. My days are brimming with plans and … Continue reading A Prayer for the Busy Person

Don’t Worship the Weekend

People have disliked Monday morning for decades. Today, we take it a step further with coffee mugs and t-shirts and ball caps to broadcast our complaints. Wake me when it’s Friday. I don’t do Mondays. Coffee and dogs and weekends. The message is clear: Weekends are fun. Mondays (and Tuesdays and Wednesdays) aren’t. But like … Continue reading Don’t Worship the Weekend