Easter Isn’t Over


April 28

My family ran out of time to watch an Easter movie last Sunday. So it wasn’t until Tuesday that we finished the film Risen.

I’m glad we waited. I needed the reminder that Christ’s resurrection doesn’t end on Easter Sunday. In the liturgical year of Christianity, Eastertide lasts fifty days, beginning on Easter Sunday at sunset. But it’s sad how fast my resurrection joy dissolves at the close of the day.

Because truthfully, Easter should only be the beginning for Christians.

In an article called Easter Is Just Getting Started, Andrew Peterson writes about the days following Easter:

Then, you see, it’s Easter Monday. It’s just beginning. Now we get a glimpse of the New Creation, because now we discover the “now what?” We go back to work, life resumes its usual routine, yes, but with the massive difference that now we live in that Great Day of the Lord for fifty days, a fitting foretaste of what’s coming to us after Christ’s return.

Resurrection joy can’t be restricted to one day in the year, or even fifty afterward. It can never end. Christ is still very much risen, indeed.

– Bethany J.

(P.S. If you missed it last week, I created a Good Friday Spotify playlist. It’s never too late to celebrate and mediate on Jesus!)

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