Songs to Echo Spring


April 14

Spring is unfolding dramatically here in Missouri. Each morning I wake to a bit more green and a few more blossoms than the day before. They’re a constant reminder of the new life Christ offers.

Lately, I’ve found myself humming the lyrics to songs by Andrew Peterson (one of my favorite artists) that echo this glorious season. Lyrics like these:

And when the winter is over

the flowers climb through the snow

The willows weep and the clover grows

(Rejoice, The Burning Edge of Dawn)


I write these words on an April day

And the earth is drinking the early rain

The hills remember green again

(Remember Me, Resurrection Letters Vol. I)


And so the winter dies with a blast of icy wind

Like a mournful cry, it’s giving up the ghost again

Another sheet of snow melts away to gold and green

Look at Peter go, he’s racing to the tomb to see

Where has my Jesus gone?

He is not dead

He is risen

Risen indeed

(Risen Indeed, Resurrection Letters Vol. I)


Praising Him this Palm Sunday,


Bethany J.


(Click on the links above to listen to these beautiful songs in full!)

2 thoughts on “Songs to Echo Spring

  1. I enjoyed your lyrics and will check out these songs. Spring has come very early to Alaska, too, and we are really enjoying the sunshine and warm days. Many blessings to you and your family during this Holy Week! Love, Aunt T

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