6 Resources for Writers


March 31

Today I’m sharing six resources that have helped to sharpen my writing skills. I hope you can learn from them too!

  1. On Writing Well by William Zinsser

No other book has shaped my writing like this one. Zinsser’s passion for concise and concrete sentences has especially impacted me.

  1. The Habit email newsletter

Jonathan Rogers teaches about writing consistently, committedly, and creatively in these weekly emails.

  1. Writer’s Market 2019 

This incredible book includes hundreds of consumer magazines, trade magazines, literary agents, awards, and contests for freelance writers (plus, some super helpful articles about marketing).

  1. The Young Writer’s Workshop

I feel immensely blessed to be a staff member of this fantastic program. The YWW has bolstered my writing love like nothing else.

  1. Home Row Podcast

Pastor J.A. Medders hosts this wonderful podcast for Christian writers. A few of my favorite episodes are with Tony Reinke, Colin Hanson, Jonathan Rogers, and Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra.

  1. Reading

Books, articles, blog posts, essays, poems, and stories are what ultimately stir my imagination. Good writers must be good readers.

Hope this was helpful!

Bethany J.

2 thoughts on “6 Resources for Writers

  1. Zinsser’s book revolutionized my mentality towards writing. Couldn’t recommend it enough! The YWW has also been tremendously instrumental in my writing journey. I’ll have to look into those other resources!

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