6 Resources for Writers

March 31 Today I’m sharing six resources that have helped to sharpen my writing skills. I hope you can learn from them too! On Writing Well by William Zinsser No other book has shaped my writing like this one. Zinsser’s passion for concise and concrete sentences has especially impacted me. The Habit email newsletter Jonathan … Continue reading 6 Resources for Writers

Strange Similes and Church Unity

March 24 I was convicted last week to pray more for my church body. I forget how critical and beautiful it is “when brothers dwell in unity” (Ps. 133:1). Psalm 133 goes on to depict this unity with two similes: Anointing oil dripping down Aaron’s beard, and sweet dew on the mountains of Zion. At … Continue reading Strange Similes and Church Unity

Teenager, It’s Time to Wake Up and Join the Battle

This article was first published on the Rebelution blog, where you can read it in its entirety. If my generation woke up, we’d realize we’re being treated like babies. The world is coddling us with low expectations, stroking our flesh and rocking us into lethargy. We’re being spoon-fed the tasty lies that we don’t need … Continue reading Teenager, It’s Time to Wake Up and Join the Battle

The Best Spoiler Ever

March 17 Reading through the Israelites’ battles has been like reading a novel and knowing how it ends. I’m travelling through Numbers and realizing how often God spoils the outcome for his people. And Og the king of Bashan came out against them, he and all his people, to battle at Edrei. But the LORD … Continue reading The Best Spoiler Ever

3 Books Challenging, Inspiring, and Exciting Me

March 10 Here are three fantastic books that are challenging, inspiring, and exciting me right now: Radical by David Platt A craver of comfort and stuff, I need this book. It’s a bold reminder that the “American dream” of success and luxury shouldn’t be what Christ-followers chase. Radical is challenging me to take action as a … Continue reading 3 Books Challenging, Inspiring, and Exciting Me

Living Intentionally as a Young Person: Gia Mesz

If her teen years were an ocean, then Gia felt “adrift.” Years before our paths met and God wove the strands of our lives together, my friend Gia wrestled hard against her sin. “Right as I was getting into my teen years was when I realized how depraved my sin nature actually was,” she said. … Continue reading Living Intentionally as a Young Person: Gia Mesz