5 Things I Enjoyed Last Week


January 20

Today I’m sharing five fun things that brightened my week last week:

  1. SunButter Cups

My friend Gia sweetly shares these chocolates with me from time-to-time. They’re like Reese’s peanut butter cups, but the chocolate is dark and the inside filled with ground sunflower seeds.

  1. AmbientMixer.com

I’ve been using this super cool site as background noise while I write and work. It features various sound mixes (and you can mix them yourself). My favorites are the Scottish coffee shop and Mr. Tumnus’s house.

  1. This hilarious video

“You had one job.”

  1. Books of prayers

I shared last Sunday about my new book of liturgies, Every Moment Holy. It’s been a huge blessing recently, and so has The Valley of Vision, a rich book of Puritan prayers.

  1. Snowboarding

A snowstorm hit my hometown last weekend, and I got to try something new. My friend Sammy took me snowboarding! It was a blast, though much harder to learn than I had expected.

Have a happy Sunday, friends!

Bethany J.



4 thoughts on “5 Things I Enjoyed Last Week

  1. That video was hilarious but also sad. I feel so bad for that girl…she really got hurt! I don’t know how all those other musicians just kept going! I’m using ambient mixer right now to focus on an essay I’m writing for school about abortion. I chose your recommendation of Scottish Coffee House and love it! I want to try Mr. Tumnus’s House sometime too. 🙂

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