Every Moment is Holy


January 13

Winter mornings are dark when I wake up. I’m usually half finished with my quiet time before the sunrise warms the horizon. I love the early hours. I love the stillness and freshness dawn brings.

These first moments of a new day are holy. Every moment is, really. Whether I’m reading Scripture or scrambling eggs or solving equations—every moment can be a holy offering to God.

My parents recently gave me a book that reminded me of this. It’s a collection of liturgies and prayers for random, simple, daily acts. Here’s an excerpt from a liturgy for the morning’s first hours:


From A Liturgy for First Waking

Teach me to shepherd the small duties

of this day with great love,

tending faithfully those tasks

you place within my care

and tending with patience and

kindness the needs and hearts of

those people you place within my reach…



In Christ,

Bethany J.



[i] Douglas Kaine McKelvey, Every Moment Holy, (2017, Rabbit Room Press: Nashville, TN), 197

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