Don’t Leave Your Christianity at Church

This article was first published on The Rebelution blog, where you can read it in its entirety. It’s usually easy to live as a set-apart Christian teen on Sunday morning. We’re quick to conquer the church checklist: Wake up. Read Scripture. Go to church. Read more Scripture. Listen to a sermon. Talk to Christian friends … Continue reading Don’t Leave Your Christianity at Church

5 Things I Enjoyed Last Week

January 20 Today I’m sharing five fun things that brightened my week last week: SunButter Cups My friend Gia sweetly shares these chocolates with me from time-to-time. They’re like Reese’s peanut butter cups, but the chocolate is dark and the inside filled with ground sunflower seeds. I’ve been using this super cool site as … Continue reading 5 Things I Enjoyed Last Week

Every Moment is Holy

January 13 Winter mornings are dark when I wake up. I’m usually half finished with my quiet time before the sunrise warms the horizon. I love the early hours. I love the stillness and freshness dawn brings. These first moments of a new day are holy. Every moment is, really. Whether I’m reading Scripture or … Continue reading Every Moment is Holy

4 Things I Learned from Reading the Prophets

It was tempting not to speedread Malachi chapter four. After hundreds of pages and thousands of words, I’d finally crossed the finish line of the Old Testament prophets. Folding my Bible closed, I started to churn the thick mass of information left in my brain. There were treasures here. In fact, four specific truths about … Continue reading 4 Things I Learned from Reading the Prophets

Habits to Cultivate in 2019

January 6 Happy new year, friends! It feels like months since I last posted, and I’m thrilled to be back at blogging. As I study my calendar and dig school books back out, I’m transitioning from holiday to work mode. It’s good to be back on schedule, especially since my life is shifting this month … Continue reading Habits to Cultivate in 2019