Poem for Autumn


November 11

Cracking eyelids open
to reflections in cold glass

Ink-toned coffee steaming, swishing,
resting in my grasp

Streaks and hues and tints and tones
and shades across the sky

Blankets wrapped and scrambled eggs
and Bibles lying wide

Crimson ivy groping, climbing
toward a pure expanse

Pavement curling, bike wheels sending
cluttered leaves to dance

Maroon and gold and brazen red
ginger, auburn, green

Spiral down, seek their rest
in imprints on the stream

Lowered beams and shadowed sky
pricked by points of light

Bulbs that dangle, swing, and shine
from evergreen’s limbed height

Lying, stretching, nodding off
to strums of that guitar

Humming tunes and peering up
awed by autumn stars

Thanks for reading!

Bethany J.

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