Does God Rate Our Sins?

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October 14

In Amos 2:7, God confronts his people with a list of wrongdoings that were blasphemous to his name. He starts with mistreatment of the poor and progresses to adultery. The verse ends with this result:

…so that my holy name is profaned. (Amos 2:7b)

As I read the Lord’s words, I struggled with this realization: God doesn’t rate our sins.

The chief reason I walk away from Scripture un-convicted is that I miscalculate my sins’ weight. I stroke my flesh for steering clear of maliciousness and murder, when God groups them under the same category. From truth-stretching to tyranny, every sin wears the label “God-profaning.” Therefore, every sin is equally hideous.

This is a hard truth to absorb because it pokes me out of my comfort bubble of denial. But if you and I don’t classify every sin as profanity against God’s holy name, how can we hope to live a life that glorifies his matchless name in all we do (Col. 3:17)?

Praying God will be glorified in us,

Bethany J.

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