3 Ways to Redeem the Time

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September 30

Several weeks ago, I started studying the attributes of God as our ladies Sunday School class travels through Jen Wilkin’s book, None Like Him.

As I read through the chapter focusing on God’s eternity this past week, I came across these three points Jen gives for redeeming the time. I’ll share them with you today, along with an abbreviated exposition on each. They’re so valuable.

  1. Let Go of the Past

Don’t indulge in sinful nostalgia or regret. Combat a sinful love of the past by counting the gifts you’ve been given in the present.

  1. Let Go of the Future

Don’t indulge in sinful anticipation or anxiety. Prepare for the future in ways that are wise and not fearful. Again, count the gifts you’ve been given today.

  1. Live Today Fully

Don’t indulge in laziness or busyness. Leave time to observe the practice of stillness, taking on the trusting posture of one who sits at the Lord’s feet. Then use your time productively as a reflection of your Creator.

If you’re looking for a rich, yet simple resource on God’s attributes, I highly recommend None Like Him.

Your friend,

Bethany J.

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