Things That Make Me Happy (A New Blog!)

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September 23

What makes you happy? Do you ever stop to think about it?

How about sunshine? Or homemade pie? Or steaming coffee? Or emails from friends? Or clean socks? Or singing? Or painting? Or toddlers and giggles and messy faces?

The list of things that make us smile is an important one to keep on hand. Because without tangible evidence that God is doing beautiful things, we forget. We watch clouds roll in and curse the storm. We switch on the news and let our minds sink into despair.

Yes, the world is a sinful place. But that doesn’t mean it’s void of happiness.

Need proof? Find your way over to this new blog, called “ttmmh” or “things that make me happy”. It’s a fun and thought-provoking site intended to be a space where people can come to worship God and renew their spirits in rejoicing before him.

Visit ttmmh here or find out more about it here.

I guarantee it will make you smile today.

Your friend,

Bethany J.

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