Faithful (A Poem)


Inspired by Christian songwriters and poets who weave Scripture truths so beautifully into their work, I have picked up my pen recently to dabble in poetry.

This is a poem I recently wrote, centering around chapter sixteen in Ezekiel. It’s a rather obscure and graphic passage, but nonetheless revelatory. This poem echoes the Lord’s words to his faithless bride, Israel.


Faithful (Ezekiel 16)

Judah, my bride, in the blood of your birth

And field of abandonment

I affirmed worth.

I have been faithful.


From a pool of crimson I called you out,

Wrapped a cloak on your bare weeds,

Made blooms to sprout.

I have been faithful.


Anointed you, warmed you, adorned with jewels;

Through the splendor I gave,

You became new.

I have been faithful.


But you trusted your beauty, the beauty

I made, lavishing evil;

A willing slave.

I remained faithful.


From garments I wove, you fashioned a shrine.

You fed bread to your idols

That had been mine.

I remained faithful.


Woe to Judah, for all you have done!

My wrath shall be satisfied,

Your wrongs undone.

Yet, I am faithful.


I shall harness my wrath and withhold it

From this adult’rous nation

Who deserves it.

For I am faithful.


Instead, my bride, I will preserve your line

To bring forth a substitute;

A Son, Divine.

For I am faithful.


A Son to stand in the place you should,

To bear the deluge of wrath

You deserved.

Yes, I am faithful.




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