Introducing a Summer Blog Series

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June 10

Introducing A Summer Blog Series

I would venture to guess that every Christian knows there is a difference between themself, and a non-believer. However, what we often don’t realize is just how many and just how drastic these dichotomies are.

Beginning this week, I want to unpack three major differences between Christians and non-Christians through a blog series titled, How Are We Different?

Here are the points I’ll be making:

Part One: We View Nature and the World Differently

Part Two: We Rejoice In Different Things

Part Three: We Anticipate Different Eternities


I have two primary goals in writing this series: 1) To show how drastically set apart followers of Christ should be and live, and 2) To challenge both myself and you to reach out to those tragically lost apart from Jesus.

I hope you’ll join me in unpacking these truths as we learn together!

For his glory,

Bethany J.

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