My 10 Favorite Worship Songs

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April 8

My 10 Favorite Worship Songs

As a follow-up to Thursday’s article, I thought I would choose and list my ten currently favorite worship songs for you today. The decision was a tricky one, as I have many, many well-loved songs. But I did my best. 😊

To listen to my favorite versions of each song, simply click on the titles to go to the links provided.

  1. O Great God by Bob Kauflin
  2. For the Cause by Keith, Kristyn Getty, and Stuart Townend
  3. Hallelujah For The Cross by Ross King and Todd Wright
  4. In Christ Alone by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend
  5. Is He Worthy? by Andrew Peterson
  6. All I Have is Christ by Jordan Kauflin
  7. Worthy of Affection by Shane and Shane
  8. Resting Place by I AM THEY
  9. My Victory by David Crowder, Ed Cash, Hank Bentley, and Darren Mulligan
  10. The Lord is My Salvation by Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Jonas Myrin, and Nathan Nockels

I’d love to hear one or two of your favorite worship songs! Feel free to comment below.


Bethany J.

5 thoughts on “My 10 Favorite Worship Songs

  1. I love In Christ Alone! I’m going to sing it at a program at my co-op. For worship music, I really like Bethel Music and All Sons and Daughters, but a lot of what I do is choral songs.

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  2. All the Gettys, Death was Arrested,
    How Beautiful, All Hillsong United, Forever, and for Christmas. Wrap this one up……ECT. ECT. ECT ☺

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