A Super Bowl Team Fueled by Christ

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February 4

A Super Bowl Team Fueled by Jesus Christ

Today is both an exhilarating and unfortunate day for Philadelphia Eagles players and fans. It’s exhilarating because the anticipated competition of Super Bowl LII kicks off at 5:30 pm. But for any football fanatic who’s been actively tracking the progression of the Eagles organization up to this culminating point, the absence of the team’s star quarterback, Carson Wentz, is an unfortunate damper on today’s game.

Wentz tore both his ACL and LCL in December, abruptly interrupting his promising season.

But the major setback that would have driven most NFL athletes into a tailspin of depression has only given Carson Wentz more opportunities to proclaim his unwavering faith in Jesus Christ.

“… When I’m playing football and it’s good, bad or ugly,” Wentz said, “I realize I’m not trying to please the fans or the media. Ultimately, I’m just trying to play for the Lord and I know where my heart is at.”[i]

The former first-string quarterback isn’t the only Christian in Philadelphia. Actually, a major percentage on this team seems to be fueled and impassioned by their faith in Christ. This has been evident on more than one occasion for the Eagles, including the baptism of a player in the nearest body of water while on a road trip: the hotel pool.

carsonwentzPhoto: JAMES LANG/USA TODAY Sports

Whether you’re like me and will root for the Eagles today because Carson Wentz and his backup, Nick Foles, voice the name of Jesus in almost every interview, or you’re a diehard New England Patriots fan, I hope you enjoy today’s Super Bowl game with the knowledge that there can be more to a professional championship than simply a ring, a trophy, or a stadium lined with cheering fans.

You can read an article on Wentz and the Eagles’ impact as Christians here.

In Christ,

Bethany J.


[i] Quote taken from https://www.delawareonline.com/story/sports/nfl/eagles/2017/09/08/church-carson-faith-fuels-wentz-football-life/634237001/

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