Sunday Afternoon Snippet

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January 21

The Third Best Moment of His Life

It’s a busy day for football playoff fans. And anyone who witnessed the Minnesota Vikings’ stunning victory last Sunday afternoon will likely be anticipating this team’s next matchup against the season-dominating Philadelphia Eagles today.

With 10 seconds left on the game clock last Sunday afternoon, Vikings quarterback Case Keenum launched a pass that he probably didn’t even think would be caught.

Well, it was. And the Vikings are here today because of it.

But the coolest part about the play (for me) came after the touchdown dance and teammate hugs, when the victorious quarterback was interviewed.

“If you ask me about this moment, what this moment’s meant to me, it’s probably going down as the third best moment of my life… I [gave] my life to Jesus Christ, married my wife, and this one’s right there…-Case Keenum


Happy football, friends!

Bethany J.


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