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January 14

Don’t Lose Sight of the Cross

Last week, a missionary couple to the Middle East visited with my family around our dining room table. I’m always eager to hear the powerful stories and lessons that people on the mission field carry back. The way that Jesus is interwoven into every facet of their work and talk is refreshing.

It’s refreshing because of a paradox that is too often true of my life: Delving deeper into theological and Scriptural principals can dilute the simplicity of the Gospel.

This is not to say that digging deeper isn’t necessary. It’s crucial. In fact, delving into my faith and the Word is what this blog is all about!

The danger for me is when head knowledge crowds out heart transformation.

One of the missionaries mentioned the zeal of several new converts in the area they had once worked. These people had no seminary degree, no grasp of deep theological matters, and little knowledge of the Scriptures. Yet they knew what Jesus had done, and that was the only thing needed to fuel their flame of joy and witness.

The Gospel is so simple. It’s Christ.

Delving into His Word and learning new things as we grow are integral aspects of sanctification. But I can’t allow the commentary of authors to speak louder than God. I can’t focus so narrowly on the fruit of the cross that I lose sight of the significance of the cross itself.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about, and attempting to grow in by reading the account of Christ’s crucifixion every morning in a different gospel.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks always for reading,

Bethany J.

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