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December 31

A Puritan Prayer To End 2017

One of my favorite resources for prayer is a book called The Valley of Vision, edited by Arthur Bennett. This book is a compiled work of prayers and devotions written by the Puritans. If you don’t mind a few thee’s and thou’s, The Valley of Vision is an invaluable tool for any Christian.

The excerpt below is from one of these prayers, titled Year’s End. The author’s utter reliance on God, no matter what storms may lie ahead, is profoundly convicting.


Year’s End


…Thy goodness has been with me during another year.

                leading me through a twisting wilderness,

                in retreat helping me to advance,

                when beaten back making sure headway.

Thy goodness will be with me in the year ahead;

I hoist sail and draw up anchor,

                with thee as the blessed Pilot of my future as of my past.

I bless thee that thou hast veiled my eyes to the waters ahead.

If thou hast appointed storms of tribulation,

                thou wilt be with me in them;

If I have to pass through tempests of persecution and temptation,

                I shall not drown;

If I am to die,

                I shall see thy face the sooner;

If a painful end is to be my lot,

                grant me grace that my faith fail not;


…Only glorify thyself in me whether in comfort or trial,

                As a chosen vessel meet always for thy use.


What would it be like to enter 2018 with this mindset? I have a feeling it would transform both my desires and my expectations.


Your Sister,

Bethany J.

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