Sunday Afternoon Snippet

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November 12

O Great Love, O Love Beyond All Measure

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love the music of Fernando Ortega. Unfortunately, I have not met many people outside of my family who have heard much, if any, of his work. Today I’m out to change that.

Fernando released a new album titled The Crucifixion of Jesus back in August. I have to admit that the purchase of the CD for my Dad’s birthday was a selfish one. I really wanted it too. Anyway, I want to share the simply profound lyrics from one of the songs off of this album with you. And it probably won’t be the last.

Allow yourself to savor every word.


O great love, O love beyond all measure

That you would lay down your life

For faithless sinners

You did not turn away

From those who struck your face


O great love, O love beyond all telling

May my cold heart be broken by your suffering

O great love struck down, but not destroyed

Now who can look upon that sight?

The King of Love now crucified!

Now who can look upon that sight?

The Son of God now crucified!


Check out more about Fernando Ortega at his website here, or listen to him on Spotify here! 

Happy Sunday,

Bethany J.

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