An Unhealthy Infatuation With Halloween

When I was little, I dreaded October. It wasn’t the crisp weather, the drifting leaves, or the pumpkin harvesting that I awaited with a sense of apprehension. On the contrary, I thoroughly enjoyed those things. It was the season that evoked decorations of gruesome portrayals, that overshadowed the joy of the autumn month for me. … Continue reading An Unhealthy Infatuation With Halloween

Is My Life Ambition Holy?

Everyone is passionate about something. Whether it’s piano, painting, mission work, novel writing, homemaking, football, or business, both Christians and non-Christians alike have an ambition; a goal; a passion. What then, sets me—a Believer with an ambition—apart from someone who does not follow Christ, yet seeks to pursue a similar life goal? The answer can … Continue reading Is My Life Ambition Holy?